Midshipman-based Lesson Plans and Learning Software

Downloads in OpenDocument (ODF) format or Microsoft Office format (MSOffice)

[ODF format works well with LibreOffice, OpenOffice, and GoogleDocs. MSOffice format works well with Microsoft Office products.]

Midshipman Project Summary - (ODF, MSOffice)
RUBRIC for Midshipman Worksheets - (ODF, MSOffice)
Lesson Plan A- Scientific Method with Midshipman - (ODF, MSOffice)
Midhipman Worksheet for Scientific Method - (ODF, MSOffice)
Lesson Plan B- Graphing with Midshipman - (ODF, MSOffice)
Midshipman- GSI Worksheet for Graphing Practice - (ODF, MSOffice)
Lesson Plan C- ImageJ and Graphing with Midshipman - (ODF, MSOffice)
Midshipman ImageJ Graph C - (ODF, MSOffice, Images.ZIP)

ImageJ Analysis Tools Plugin for Students - (Plugin.ZIP, Installation.TXT)

Student Documentation for ImageJ Plugin - (PDF)

Midshipman Vocalization Interactive Tutorial (developed by Lane Seeley, Seattle Pacific University) - (Powerpoint slides - pptx)


Midshipman lesson plans were created by Alvina Rahman, Bronx Haven High School. The ImageJ plugin and documentation were developed by Miky Timothy, CUNY Brooklyn College.

Support from the National Science Foundation

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